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2024 Crystal Serenity Voyages
Crystal Serenity 2024 

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Voyage #
Departure Date
From Port of
To Port of
US$ Per Person
Ocean View From
Verandah Penthouse Penthouse Suite Crystal Penthouse
Caribbean OCY010524 5-Jan-24 13 Miami Miami $5,500  
World Cruise 139 Nights OCY011824 18-Jan-24 16 Miami San Diego $7,700  
World Cruise 139 Nights OCY020324 3-Feb-24 18 San Diego Papeete $8,700  
World Cruise Segment OCY022124 21-Feb-24 16 Papeete Auckland $8,500  
World Cruise Segment OCY030924 9-Mar-24 18 Auckland Freemantle / Perth $10,100 REQUEST A QUOTE
World Cruise Segment OCY032724 27-Mar-24 18 Freemantle / Perth Mumbai $9,200  
World Cruise Segment OCY041424 14-Apr-24 18 Mumbai Istanbul $9,100 * itineraries and prices are subject to change per Crystal Cruises
World Cruise Segment OCY050224 2-May-24 12 Istanbul Piraeus $6,300  
World Cruise Segment OCY051424 14-May-24 11 Pireaus Monte Carlo $6,100 Addtional Private BONUS
World Cruise Segment OCY052524 25-May-24 14 Toulon Miami $6,800  
World Cruise Segment OCY060824 8-Jun-24 16 Miami San Diego $7,700 Extra Onboard Credit for all guests booked by Isabel Travel
West Coast OCY062424 24-Jun-24 8 San Diego Vancouver $4,400 This Onboard credit will be equal to the maximum allowed by the cruise line
Alaska OCY070224 2-Jul-24 7 Vancouver Vancouver $3,800  
Alaska OCY070924 9-Jul-24 7 Vancouver Seward (Anchorage) $3,800 This credit applies to every booking
Alaska OCY071624 16-Jul-24 7 Seward (Anchorage) Vancouver $3,800 and is not provided by Crystal Cruises
Alaska OCY072324 23-Jul-24 7 Vancouver Vancouver $3,800  
Alaska OCY073024 30-Jul-24 7 Vancouver Seward (Anchorage) $3,800  
Alaska OCY080624 6-Aug-24 7 Seward (Anchorage) Vancouver $3,700
Alaska OCY081324 13-Aug-24 8 Vancouver Vancouver $4,200
West Coast OCY082124 21-Aug-24 6 Vancouver Los Angeles $3,200
Panama Canal OCY082724 27-Aug-24 18 Los Angeles New York $8,600
Panama Canal OCY082724 27-Aug-24 28 Los Angeles New York $12,400
New England / Canada OCY091424 14-Sep-24 10 New York Quebec $5.600
New England / Canada OCY092424 24-Sep-24 8 Quebec New York $4,400
New England / Canada OCY100224 2-Oct-24 8 New York Quebec $4,700
New England / Canada OCY101024 10-Oct-24 8 Quebec New York $4,700
New England / Canada OCY101824 18-Oct-24 8 New York Quebec $4,700
New England / Canada OCY101824 18-Oct-24 31 New York Bridgetown $15,300
New England / Canada OCY102624 26-Oct-24 14 Quebec Miami $7,700
New England / Canada OCY102624 26-Oct-24 23 Quebec Bridgetown $10,600
Caribbean OCY110924 9-Nov-24 9 Miami Bridgetown 3,900
Caribbean OCY111824 18-Nov-24 9 Bridgetown Miami $3,900
Panama Canal OCY111824 18-Nov-24 20 Bridgetown Puerto Caldera $8,500  
Panama Canal OCY112724 27-Nov-24 11 Miami Puerto Caldera $5,300  
Caribbean OCY120824 8-Dec-24 10 Puerto Caldera Miami $4,800  
Caribbean OCY121824 18-Dec-24 11 Miami Miami $4,700  
Caribbean OCY121824 18-Dec-24 20 Miami Miami $8,200  
Caribbean OCY122924 29-Dec-24 9 Miami Miami $3,900  

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Note: Per Person Price is in US$. In case of discrepancy, latest Crystal Cruises brochure prices will override prices listed above