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Owners of Isabel Travel were born in Ukrainian city of Odessa, and have very strong feelings about suffering of the people of Ukraine, as well as about missiles exploding around the beutiful city where they were born. While our feelings of support are extensive, these feeling alone cannot help Ukrainian refugees to escape nighmares of war, hence we have established contacts in Ukraine, and these contacts are already helping families with childred with relocation to safer areas. We have also shipped supplies of first need from Poland to Lviv.
Oleg and Isabel were able to start an organization in Lviv, Ukraine under the name of "I stand with Ukraine" with help from and under management of Andrii Serb, who is a co-founder of "I Stand With Ukraine" Foundation.  Andrii was residing in Bucha from the first day of occupation until March 9.  His family was surviving under constant bombardment without heat, with only a few bottles of water, and by eating a few potatoes which were baked in a firepit.  On March 9 they were led by a local priest and have managed to escape through a little known forest road, and were able to assist two more families to escape from the midst of the carnage which was brought upon Bucha by murderous Russian and Chechen mercenaries.

Andrii's wife and kids have escaped nightmares of war by leaving the country which they love (his wife and son are now in Los Angeles, while one of his adult daughter is in Prague, and another in Germany offering local assistance to refugees), but Andrii has remained in Lviv as a volunteer with a goal to help other refugees. Andrii and his volunteer assistants are taking care of refugees from the moment he meets them at a train station or bus station in Lviv until they are safely escorted to the border of Poland. Our organization also provides refugees with advice about safe routes, and we work with volunteers in Poland and Germany who help refugees after they cross the border.  

Refugees in need are provided with free temporary housing in Lviv, food, items of first necessity for them for their children, and for their pets. They are also provided with help in getting to the border with Poland. This help is paid for by Isabel Travel and by generosity of our dear friends and clients.

Please contact us if you or someone you know needs help with escaping war zone

 Thank you,  

Oleg, Isabel, Andrii

Glory to Ukraine!